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Linkbuilder – specialist responsible for links building through leaving comments at popular and trustful websites. Skills Required:

  • excellent English knowledge;
  • copywriting skills (in English);
  • well-organized, with great attention to details;
  • ability to meet deadlines.
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Content writer

Content writer – specialist responsible for news articles and SEO content writing. Skills Required:

  • advanced English level;
  • expert writing skills;
  • research skills;
  • creativity and imaginative thinking.
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Outreach Specialist

Outreach Specialist – specialist responsible for guest posting and communication with webmasters. Skills Required:

  • excellent English level;
  • research skills;
  • good communication skills;
  • willingness to learn and grow.
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Our Main Benefits

Seomantic is SEO outsource company, which united many brilliant professionals all over the world in one successful team. We specialize in white hat SEO, natural link building, on-page and off-page website optimization. As a fast growing IT-company we provide all adventures of freelance employment for our workers:

- balanced working day (you choose the most comfortable hours to work by yourself);

- salary&benefits (IT, as the most dynamic field of business in Ukraine, provides stable and high-paid jobs);

- experience and skills (in our company you get unlimited opportunities for self-development, gain many valuable skills and experience for your resume);

- work with professionals (our ambitious team of SEO experts always glad to share their knowledge and experience with young specialists )

  • balanced working day
  • salary&benefits
  • experience and skills
  • work with professionals


What our top freelancers say about us
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Sofia Harrison

I’ve worked on several other freelancing platforms before, but Seomantic is definitely my best experience so far. The tasks are very interesting, and the clients understand that freelancers need flexible working hours. I’m really happy with the working conditions.
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Carson Lumaad

Content writer
I’m still a student and freelance writing is my first job. It’s easy to combine the tasks with my studies and the payments are really good. My activities on Seomantic.biz helped me boost my research and writing skills.
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Rostislav Klimtsov

Outreach Specialist
There are not many platforms suitable for outreach specialist. Seomantic is one of the few that offer access to creative jobs. The flexible bonus system motivated me. It’s good to know that you earn more when you deserve more.

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